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Matthew Adeiza, PhD

Hallo, welcome here!

A few things about me…

I help teams understand their users, strategize to meet their needs, and make user-centered decisions throughout the product making process.

The professional. I have 10+ years of professional experience working on projects ranging from bootstrapping a successful startup to leading research on impactful projects for Fortune 500 companies to teaching at a large research university. Skills developed from these varied jobs equip me to approach product-making in a holistic way.

The researcher. As a researcher with 5+ years of doing user research on consumer and enterprise products, I draw on a large toolkit of research methods and strategies to answer questions, whether quantitative or qualitative. I approach research as a collaborator, involving product partners throughout the entire research cycle – from planning to activation. As a research leader, I ensure that research is answering the most important questions, and getting in front of the leadership in the most impactful ways. I wrote on the importance of building trust and involving product partner in research.

The human. I enjoy traveling, hiking, kayaking, biking, playing soccer, and board games. According to legend, I always find a good excuse to be out in nature. When I’m not doing any of these, I may be volunteering to teach/mentor some cool first-generation high students through the UW Making Connections program or playing with my goldendoodle. I love to laugh and feel the happiest when helping others achieve their goals. I’m currently learning Spanish and improving my tango skills.

I have a PhD in Communication from the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, a Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship from Foster School of Business at the UW, a master’s in African Studies from the University of Oxford (UK), and a bachelor’s in Mass Communication from the University of Jos (Nigeria).

The easiest way to contact me and get a timely response is via email: contact (at) madeiza.org.