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Selected Academic Publications

Adeiza, M. & Howard, P. N. (2016) New social media practices: Potential for development, democracy and anti-democratic practices in Daniel Hammett and and Jean Grugel, (Eds.) Palgrave handbook of international development. London: Palgrave.

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Adeiza, M. (2014) New media, old politics: Digital media, elections and democracy consolidation in Nigeria. CMDS Working Paper 2014.3; accessed October 13, 2015 from http://cmds.ceu.edu/article/2014-11-26/new-media-old-politics-digital-media-elections-and-democracy-consolidation.


Public Scholarship

Adeiza, M. (2013, March 19). The trouble with social media in Africa. Retrieved March 31, 2016, from http://newafricanmagazine.com/the-trouble-with-social-media-in-africa/